Tips to stay productive while Working from Home

Tips to stay productive while Working from Home

HR - August 17, 2020

With the resurgence of the spread of COVID-19 cases in Nepal, the government has suggested offices to operate from their homes for the time being. Working from the home isn’t as similar as working in a formal office environment. There might be so many hurdles and distractions. Despite these problems, many companies have been marking the rising productivity level of employees while they are working remotely. Here are some tip-offs to leverage productivity while working remotely:


  1. To-do lists:

    When you are working from home, you can get lonely and get distracted by various factors like distractions from family, neighbourhood noise, household chores that you have not finished etc. These can disrupt your productivity. So to keep the working environment, it would be ideal to list your tasks in a notebook, schedule them according to their priority and work accordingly.Based on a survey, 70% of the employees at NBIT keep themselves engaged in work with due dates and maintain work consistency based on the to-do list.

  2. Comfortable Workspaces:

    Not many people have the culture of separating study rooms in their homes. However, some of them have study tables in their rooms. Many of them are using their bedrooms for work. Being in a same room for whole day and night is likely to cause exhaustion. Likewise, working from home can be tough as one has to separate the boundaries between personal and professional space. It is necessary to create a workspace in your home with cozy furniture and a room with less distraction. With a comfortable workspace, people can feel more at work.

  3. Short Breaks:

    One can feel lonely when working from home; sitting on a chair, in a room and working on the same screen for hours could be lethargic. So, it might be a good idea to take short breaks to refresh your mind and body. These are a few ideas you can do during short breaks while working:

  • Take a short walk around your house or locality
  • Make your tea or coffee
  • Turn on your favourite playlist
  • Few minutes of workout
  • Communicate with colleagues
  • Meditate
  1. Communicate Well:

    It is important to reach out to your team members once in a while checking upon them, discussing work status, and talking on interesting topics. It can help you feel connected with the team. On the other hand, it can eventually result in your work productivity with a reinvigorated mind and soul.

These are some tips to keep up your working spirit while working remotely. How do you think of these tips? Can you mention your method to keep yourself motivated at work and increase your productivity while working remotely?