NBIT Social Contract

NBIT Social Contract

General - January 6, 2021


  • Notify about absence in the meeting
  • Attend the meeting on time
  • Use Skype for scrum
  • Meeting time should be limited to 1 hr
  • Follow the instructions for the meeting if communicated
  • No meetings without a clear agenda


  • Open and honesty
  • Communicate via slack for text messages and Skype for calls
  • Communicate on Jira ticket; if any confusions arise, rather than waiting for meetings to discuss those problems.
  • Silly question could be asked in case of any confusions
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help if you are stuck in something
  • Clear communication about leaves and updates to the team
  • Rectify hardware issues before communication
  • Share a greeting as soon as you enter the group call or a meeting, could be text greeting also

Ways of Working

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity
  • Avoid bias and be fair to everyone
  • Appreciate team member for their effort
  • Notify the team before the deadline if any task couldn’t be completed in time
  • Initiate the team talks outside of team building and work-related communication(personal connection development with members) – hallway, group activities can be done
  • Communicate methods of improvements within the company or software development
  • Channel to ask for help or initiate discussions when problems arise at work
  • Go through documentation and understand the basics of technology
  • Maintain a document in confluence if you have worked on feature cards. It will help others and yourself in the future.
  • Show empathy
  • Work as a team

Issues at work

  • Working from home for a long time may have caused moral/motivation issues
  • Encourage everyone to contribute in meetings even if it is not perfect
  • Electricity and internet issues
  • Chances of disturbing colleagues while in call with the clients in the open office environment.
  • Distraction at home