About NBIT

Our mission at NBIT is to provide information technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses to help our clients meet their business requirements. Our highly trained professionals offer our clients an effective solution to enhancing their resources or even to outsource all of their IT requirements. Here at NBIT we have a flexible solution to meet your every need.

Working Methodology

At NBIT we are firm believers in iteration and shorter feedback loops, this is why we have adopted the Agile development methodologies for all of our projects.

The Agile framework allows us to work closely with our clients and invite engagement throughout the development process. Moving away from a waterfall type system where our clients would only get to see the finished product at the end, with our agile process we do frequent deploys to get quick turn-around.

agile process

Techonoglies we use

Front End Development

Hosting/Business Tool

Backend Tool